KSA (King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals) For the first time.. 17 new master’s programs at King Fahd University of Petroleum

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals has launched 17 new professional master’s degrees in various fields, following the great success achieved by the program last year, which prompted it to expand it, bringing to a total of 32 programs serving the kingdom’s economy.
The university president, Dr. Mohammed Al-Saqqaf: the new programs offered by the University for the first time are aimed at creating a strong foundation for leaders and specialists who will seek to create new projects of their own, or return to their work with a more in-depth understanding of their specialties, enriching them with new ideas, adding that activating a layer of specialists and professionals in various fields is essential to unleashing any economy. Academic degrees, and Dr. For example, the master of artificial intelligence, hence the abbreviation “MX”, indicating that registration is open to both sexes, and that this is the first time that the university offers academic certificates for both sexes on the basis of merit, and that the University welcomes outstanding students to join these specialized programs.

He continued that the programs are designed to be similar to the design of leading international universities and that each program is a full-time degree for one academic year, in addition to the summer semester, during which the student covers 30 credit hours in an intensive way. He pointed out that the disciplines cover many advanced sciences, such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, blockchain, data science, computer analytics, quantum computing, robotics and autonomous systems, computer materials and modeling, materials science and engineering, Petrochemical Engineering, Bioengineering, supply chain management, sustainable and renewable energy, and others. He confirmed that the program was a great success, and the response to the program was great from students and employers, and that the number of participants in the program exceeded 10 times the expected, pointing out that 93% of students are satisfied with the design of the program and the way it is applied, recently in an opinion poll. He also spoke about the urgency of many companies to sponsor students enrolled in the program, even before their graduation, and support their projects, and that companies in the kingdom welcomed these students to join their cadres after graduation and work in important centers, to achieve the best use of their competencies, adding: the student graduates from the program to return, not as a participant, but as a leader of work teams. For her part, student Fatima Al-Mustafa said: “for a year studying polymer science and engineering at King Fahd University, I gained extensive knowledge that usually takes several years to learn, and I have a clear advantage over others while applying for jobs”. Hamada Al-Khalidi, a master’s student in robotics and autonomous systems, stressed that the program is inspiring and important, and will improve the student’s knowledge and skills in advanced technologies, adding: “Now I can easily identify the best possible business solutions for any organization”.On the other hand, a number of students received the keys to their accommodation, amid full compliance with precautionary measures and safe distancing.


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