Bahrain (Applied Science University) Hearty congratulations and best wishes

Hearty congratulations and best wishes are extended to His Majesty King Charles III on his accession to the throne of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from Professor Waheeb Al Khaja, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Applied Science University, Professor Ghassan Aouad, President, Applied Science University and all staff at the University.

Professor Waheeb Al Khaja was honoured with an opportunity to meet His Majesty during his visit to Bahrain in 2016 and they engaged in conversation regarding transnational education and the British degree programmes the Applied Science University had initiated in collaboration with its British partner, London South Bank University. His Majesty expressed an interest in the nature of the degree programmes and how they would be delivered, and he thanked Professor Waheeb for his commitment to ensuring that high-quality British degrees would be accessible to students in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the wider region.

It is envisioned that under His Majesty’s reign, the United Kingdom will continue to prosper, and in its role as a leading institute of higher education in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Applied Science University remains keen to further the strong, cordial and brotherly bonds between both nations.

Furthermore, the University, through its mission, vision and efforts remains steadfastly committed to providing the highest standards of education for its students, and it has recently become the first and only higher education institution in the Kingdom of Bahrain to achieve global quality accreditation through the United Kingdom’s Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA), an independent quality body and a global leader in quality assurance for higher education.

Having obtained global accreditation as a result of successfully completing the QAA’s International Quality Review (IQR), which benchmarks global higher education institutions against an international quality assurance framework, the University has demonstrated its ability to adhere to the highest of global education standards, while simultaneously working to support and achieve the educational goals established by the wise leadership of the Kingdom of Bahrain.


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