Herbaceous Peony Cut Flowers Cultivated by YZU Awarded the Gold Medal in the International Horticultural Exposition 2021

Themed “Green City, Healthy Life”, the expo opened to the public in Yangzhou on April 8 and will run until Oct. 8 this year. Sixty-four exhibition gardens are displayed in the pavilions which include 13 gardens from cities in Jiangsu, 26 gardens from enterprises and cities in other parts of China, and 25 exhibition gardens from foreign countries and international organizations.

In October 2020, the National Forestry and Grassland Administration announced the second list of national flower germplasm resources. A total of 33 national flower germplasm resource banks were selected, among which the National Bank for Chinese Peony Germplasm Resource of Yangzhou University was listed. Since 2008, the germplasm innovation and molecular biology research team of the College of Horticulture and Plant Protection at Yangzhou University has been committed to the collection, evaluation and innovative utilization of Chinese peony resources. The database has preserved 525 cultivated varieties and wild germplasm of paeonia lactiflora, selected 12 new varieties with specific independent intellectual property rights.

The Chinese peony is a species of herbaceous perennial flowering plant in the family Paeoniaceae. The flower buds appear in late spring. They are large and round, opening into fragrant, cup- or bowl-shaped flowers 8–16 cm (3–6 in) in diameter, with 5–10 white, pink, or crimson petals and yellow stamens. There are several hundred selected cultivars in a range of colors, sizes and forms; many have double flowers, with the stamens modified into additional petals. There are many colors now available, from pure milk white, to pink, rose, and near red, along with single to fully double forms. They are prolific bloomers, and have become the main source of peonies for the cut flower business.

Herbaceous peonies cultivated by Yangzhou University

Herbaceous Peonies Cultivated by Yangzhou University


View of the International Horticultural Exposition 2021 in Yangzhou


View of the International Horticultural Exposition 2021 in Yangzhou